Thursday, June 28, 2018

Zodiac Signs…A Guide to Your Wardrobe

Have you often wondered what to wear and of which color to look your best and make your own style statement. Most people have a favorite color, but your favorite may not be the best one for your wardrobe. Everyone has a unique group of colors that makes them look their best and another that makes them look their worst. Color of cloths create a powerful impact on the energy of our body. Proper and right use of colors is beneficial in chakra balancing, personality development and enhancing immunity.

Well, take a cue from the Zodiac sign you are born in. Not only your Zodiac sign comes to your rescue but also enhances your life’s quality. Here is a guide to your wardrobe for different Zodiac Signs:

As your sun-sign is governed by the planet Mars, you acquire vast energy, bold and daring attitude towards everything in life. Red –the color signifying your ruling planet Mars – is the best color for your hot disposition. So, whenever you are dressing for a special occasion, wear red or a shade of it for better effect. Still, if you do not like to wear red quite often, introduce red or its shades in your dressing by adding an accessory like a red hair clip, a bag, a cap, shoes or carrying a red stole, or wearing a red stone ring or earring. By adhering to this kind of dress sense, you will not only be able to exhibit your dynamic personality but also have better results.

Since your sun-sign is governed by the planet Venus, you have a special inclination for all the finer things in life including food, personal comfort and wardrobe. Venus is sensuous and tactile by nature, hence, go for fabrics like silk and anything that has a soft, luxurious feel like neck-pieces, hats, ties, scarves and stoles etc. that allows you to project a similar image. White or off white - the color signifying your ruling planet Venus –  and pastel colours of these accessories will be best suited for you to have favorable effects.

As your sun-sign is governed by the planet Mercury, you possess charming and pleasing manners; but have a dual personality and there is a very thin demarcation between your liking and disliking. You will most likely have a passion for accessories like handbags, bracelets, rings watches, funky, sporty clothing and short dresses. Therefore, introduce Green -the color signifying your ruling planet Mercury – or its shades in your dressing or accessories to express your vibrant persona.

As Moon governs the Sign of Cancer, white, creams, shades of grey and silver should be the preferred colours for the Cancerian people. These colours are also favourable for you, because they lend a certain purity,calmness and wholesomeness to your emotional and vulnerable personality. Therefore, introduce these shades in your dressing by adding an accessory like a white hair clip, a bag, or carrying a white stole, or wearing a pearl ring or earring. Men of this sign will feel the most confident in formal white/off-white shirts or kurtas.

Sun is the ruling planet for Leo people. Therefore, shades of gold, oranges and sunshine yellow  will suit them best and they can bring out their everlasting impression. Wearing clothes of these colours at least on Sundays will have positive effects on others.

As your sun sign is governed by the planet Mercury, you have remarkable abilities to adapt to different circumstances and people and always believe in perfection; be it your clothing, colors or style. Your Earth element draws you to natural fabrics like cotton, linen, jute etc. Therefore, earthy, solid colours like deep forest greens, browns, beige and fawns should find a special place in your wardrobe for all your important occasions.

As your sun sign is ruled by the planet Venus, you possess a great love for beauty. Hence, style, elegance, colors, cuts and trends comes rather naturally to you. You should have off-white, milky blue, pastels and pearly colors in your wardrobe to suit your charming persona.

As your sun sign is ruled by two planets - the red Mars and the dark Pluto – you possess a sensuous, mystical and secretive persona. Therefore, all jewel tones, specifically in deepest reds and blacks will be  extremely well suited to you. Wearing clothes of these colours, with matching accessories, at least on Tuesdays will have positive effects on others.

As your sign is governed by the yellow colored Jupiter, having fire element, you have rebellious approach in experimenting with latest trends, style and colors. You have a knack for marigold yellow, buttercup yellow, deep red, fuchsia pink, yellow opal etc. and these colors find special place in your werdrobe.

As your sign ruler is the black Saturn, you have special prefence for colors like blacks, greys, shades of beige, fawns, dark blue. All these colors are practical, conventional and earthy colors and cloths and accessories of these colors, if given place in your wardrobe, will boost your confidence and persona.

Your sign is also ruled by the planet Saturn having earthy element. Therefore, blacks, shades of violet, dark blue, indigo, navy blue, midnight blue, dim grey are the best suited colors for aquarian people. Wearing clothes of these colours, with matching accessories, at least on Saturdays will bring out the best in you to strike a lasting impression on others.

Jupiter & Neptune are the ruling planets for the dreamy and sensitive Pisceans. Hence, aqua colours like blues of the marine life, azure blues, surf greens, lavender and soothing whites, creams and silvers are best suited for you. Soft, sensuous fabrics of marine colors, tan opal, sandcastle suit you the best. Wearing clothes of these colours, with matching accessories, at least on Thursdays will add huge charm to your persona.

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June 28, 2018
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Thursday, April 19, 2018


After marriage, a family is considered complete only after the birth of the child. In earlier times, if a woman was unable to conceive after marriage, she was cursed for not giving a successor to the family. However, things have changed over time, and educated couples understand the problems related to progeny and take medical help to solve these problems. But, if all the medical treatments prove futile and there is a failure in conception, then one ought to take astrological advice to overcome the progeny problem.
As per Vedic astrology, fifth house in a horoscope of the native represents progeny and relationship with the children. So, an analysis of husband and wife’s horoscope is essential to find why there is delay in the birth of a child, or it is a case of childlessness. Apart from this, the Venus is seen for the strength  of sperms or vitality  in men and the Mars is seen for eggs in women. The reproductive organs are judged from Venus and 7th house in case of both men and women’s horoscope.
Rishi Parashara has ascribed in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra the following combinations responsible for progeny problems that have to be seen from the horoscopes of husband and wife:
·      An analysis of the fifth house and its association with malefic and the benefic planets has to be made. The 5th lord if aspected with the beneficial planet blesses the couple with a child. On the other hand, an afflicted 5th lord, combust, malefic and retrograde aspected by another malefic planet, results in a childbirth delay.
·      In case of conjunction of lagna lord with Mars, the husband will lose his first child and his wife would not be fertile to yield offspring again.
·      The position of 5th lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or in an inimical rashi, the couple will have issues with difficulty.
·      Presence of debilitated or retrograde planets in the 5th house indicates serious troubles during pregnancy.
·      In the wife’s horoscope, 5th house and 5th lord is impotant because it defines her progeny, family and husband. The presence of 5th lord in the 12th house is not favourable because the 12th house in the horoscope denotes only wastage, expenditure and sorrow.
·      The placement of Jupiter and aspect of Saturn on the 5th house along with the Mars and Mercury delays the childbirth because Saturn is a malefic and slow planet.
·      The presence of Keu in the 5th house and placement of 5th lord with Venus aspected by Jupiter delays the childbith; but no denial is there.

A few other factors, mentioned below, are also responsible  for early/delayed/difficult childbirth:
·      The 5th house and its lord is studied in rashi, navamsa and saptamsha chart for the promise of early or delayed childbirth.
·      The benefic planets influencing the 5th house/lord give early childbirth. The strong Jupiter and 5th house from it also promise an early childbirth.
·      The timely dasha of Jupiter, 5th lord, 9th lord or lagna lord is helpful for early childbirth.
·      When the 5th lord is in the 8th with the 8th lord, there will be death of children or abortions to wife.
·      If the 5th lord is afflicted in the first house, there will be no issue.
·      If the fifth lord is disposed in the third house unfavorably, there will be loss of children.
·      The fifth lord, afflicted in the fourth house, causes death of children.
·      Fifth lord, if afflicted in the fifth house, children may die.
·      If the fifth lord is afflicted in the sixth house, issues will not be born and the native may have to adopt one from maternal uncle's line.
·      Children will die early if the lord of the fifth occupies 3,6 or 12 and is aspected by no benefic; when the lord of the fifth is hemmed in between malefics; when the fifth is aspected by a malefic or the lord of the fifth joins an evil planet.
·    The Sun in the fifth house deprives the person of children. This position also denotes difficult childbirth.
·      If Mars is in fifth house of woman's chart, dangerous childbirth may be predicted
·      There will be loss of children if Rahu or Ketu is in fifth house.

Thus, we see that in case of progeny problems, the couple should seek the advice of an expert and knowledgeable astrologer; if no medical treatment is helpful. Besides, as per Vedic Astrology, chanting of Santan Gopala Mantra by the couple is very helpful in pacifying the evil effects of malefic planets and getting blessed with the birth of the baby.

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April 19, 2018
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brahma Yoga – Its Meaning & Role in Vedic Astrology

Yogas are of utmost importance in Vedic astrology. But, one needs a lot of expertise and skill to interpret the relative strength of them and determine how effective they really are in astrological predictions.

Yogas are formed when certain specific planetary combinations occur in a horoscope. These yogas may be benefic or malefic depending upon their placement in the chart. There are hundreds of yogas which are considered for the purpose of analysing a horoscope.

In this article, Brahma Yoga of Hindu Astrology is explained which is benefic in nature and said to occur under the following circumstances:

When all the natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are involved to form this Yoga as under:

1)    Firstly, when Jupiter is in any of the kendra or quadrant ( 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) from the 9th house lord.

2)    Secondly, when Venus is in any of the kendra or quadrant  from the 11th house lord.

3)    Thirdly, when Mercury is in any of the kendra or quadrant  from the 10th house lord or Asendant lord.

Thus, we see that this is a very rare combination of above-mentioned benefics and all the three conditions have to be fulfilled simultaneously for this yoga to occur.
The native earns and accumulates lot of wealth, possesses luxurious house and vehicles and enjoys all the pleasures and comforts of life.The native is learned, noble and a man of high reputation. He will have good health and long life. He will have devoted wife and worthy children.                   

One thing that the readers of this blog should keep in mind is that the above-mentioned results of this yoga are general in nature. It is very important to take into consideration the strength of the house and its lord, the exaltations and debilitations of the house-lords, conjunctions, planets in that particular house and various aspects over it, before arriving at any conclusion.

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March 18, 2018
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