Thursday, May 19, 2011

Effect of Jupiter's Transit in Aries on different Rasis

Jupiter’s Transit in Aries:
Jupiter entered Aries on 8th May, 2011 at 1412 hours in the constellation of Punarvasu and will transit there till the end of Samvat 2068 [Around April, 2012].The effect of Jupiter’s transit on different Rasis will be as follows:
The transit of Jupiter through your rasi is inauspicious as it causes hurdles in profession or business. You might face transfers, if in service. You may have to face health problems. There is danger of theft of the valuables.
This transit will bless you with name, fame and lots of monetary gains. You may get married, if single or blessed with birth of a child, if married.
You may incur resentment of relatives and displeasure of friends resulting mental depression. There are problems at the place of service or losses in business. There is failure in efforts and consequently mental unrest.
You may have to face financial crunch, loss of health and reputation. Chances of demotion are likely, if in government service. Get ready for leaving your place of birth.
This transit of Jupiter is auspicious for you as all your efforts bring fruits. You may get promoted, if in service. Speculative deals will be rewarding. Birth of a son is likely, if married. Source of income will increase.
You may have lot of health problems, especially stomach ailments, during this transit of Jupiter. Losses in business and trouble at work place are indicated.
Eligible bachelors will find their dream partners. You are going to enjoy great time, if married. You may have multiple sources of income. Business tours will be rewarding for the exporters.
Don’t lose temper at the place of work, otherwise there is danger of loss of job or getting implicated in litigation. You may face continuous health problems. Chances of government penalties are there, if tax matters are handled carelessly.
You are going to enjoy health, wealth and prosperity during this transit of Jupiter. You will get success in all your efforts. A few of you might get honoured by the government for your creative work.
You are likely to remain sick during this transit of Jupiter. Unexpected transfer is indicated, if in service. Losses in business will put you in a state of depression. Don’t indulge in illegal matters to avoid humiliation in society.
Great time is ahead of you to enjoy good health, wealth and esteem. Get ready to celebrate the birth of son or marriage function at home. Marital pleasure will be in abundance.
You are going to feel scarcity of money. Speculation is not advised. It’s better to postpone long journeys. Separation from family is indicated. Health will be a cause of concern.

© Gulab Jain, May, 2011