Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prediction of Career through Astrology

It is one of the most difficult tasks of astrology to judge career of a person. One can have a glance into the person’s probable areas of career by following some basic rules of Vedic astrology. The most favourable periods for career progression can also be predicted by using some of the unique timing techniques of Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, one assesses career by blending the influences of key houses like the first house or Ascendant or Lagna and the tenth house, planets (exalted planet, planet in its own sign, planet in its friendly sign etc.), signs and the condition of the luminaries, the Sun and Moon, since they are fundamental to the personality and they will often find expression in the career. 
The first house or ascendant represents the person as a whole and therefore the sign in which the first house falls or the planets or aspects here can shape a person’s outlook towards a particular career. The first house ruler or lagnesh and its position in the chart are also equally important.
The 10th house and its lord are most closely connected with career, job, profession and occupation. The tenth house helps in analyzing if a person will be successful in life or not.  For example, Mercury and Jupiter are the karak planets of the tenth house. Both of them are related to the person’s success. Sun is the strongest in the tenth house. It helps in person in achieving success and fame in life. The tenth house is related to employment and Saturn is the karak of employment. So Saturn in the tenth house is related to employment and livelihood.
 Another strategy is to find the best house, the best sign and their lords, and the best planet and its aspects on other planets, houses or signs in a chart. For example, Jupiter in Sagittarius may guide the native towards law, academics or religion if it is closely aspected by Mercury or Venus and its nakshatra dispositor is well placed and associated with the 10th house.
Given below are some general guidelines on the nature of career the different signs and planets broadly indicate:
Careers by sign
Aries : Natives born with Aries strong fare well in careers like metal & mineral technologists, army and police, surgeon, mechanics, industrialists, athletes.
Taurus: Natives born with Taurus strong fare well in careers like luxury goods, jewelry, cosmetics, music, actors, banking, tailors, fashion, financiers.
Gemini: Natives born with Gemini strong fare well in careers like media and journalism, accountants, sales representatives, translators, writers, researchers.
Cancer: Natives born with Cancer strong fare well in careers like doctors, naval and marine, fishing, nursing, interior design, hotel, biology, botany, zoology.
Leo: Natives born with Leo strong fare well in careers like administrators, executives, government jobs, politics, religion, investing, diplomacy, drugs and chemicals.
Virgo : Natives born with Virgo strong fare well in careers like teachers, radio & television announcers, computing, astrology, accounting, reporters, doctors, healers.
Libra : Natives born with Libra strong fare well in careers like singers, actors, judges, artists, cosmetics, fashion, receptionists, advertising, interior decorating, photographers.
Scorpio: Natives born with Scorpio strong fare well in careers like astrologers, detectives, occultists, geographers, chemicals, drugs, liquids, insurance, doctors, nurses, police.
Sagittarius: Natives born with Sagittarius strong fare well in careers like law, religion, banking and finance, teachers, athletes, leather dealers.
Capricorn : Natives born with Capricorn strong fare well in careers like  agriculture, mining, forest product, geology, horticulture.
Aquarius : Natives born with Aquarius strong fare well in careers like  neurologists, advisors, consultants, philosophers, astrologers, engineers, scientists.
Pisces : Natives born with Pisces strong fare well in careers like  doctors, surgeons, marine related, chemicals, oil, painters, hospital, prisons, script-writers, film-makers.

Careers by planet
Sun indicates careers like authority, politicians, government jobs,  scientists, leaders, directors, , doctors, jewelers
Moon indicates careers like confectioners & bakers, nursing, , travelling, marine, restaurants, import/export, gardeners, house-keepers.
Mars indicates careers like surgeons, engineers, firemen, metallurgists, , weapons, construction, soldiers, police,.
Mercury indicates careers like teaching, writing, architects, merchandise, clerks, accountants, editors, transport, astrologers.
Jupiter indicates careers like finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, advertising, publishers, psychologists, travel agents.
Venus indicates careers like pleasures, luxuries, beauty, artists, poets, dancers, music, entertainment industry, hotels, silk & expensive textiles.
Saturn indicates careers like real estate, labour, agriculture, coal & fuel of every kind, mining, architects, craftsmen, monk.
Rahu indicates careers like electricity, engineers,
physicians, medicine/drugs, researchers, speculators, aviation.
Ketu indicates careers like metaphysics, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, poison. 
One should examine the strength and weakness of all the planets and signs and should have proper and judicious investigation of all the relevant factors before judging the profession or occupation of a person.
© Gulab Jain, March, 2012