Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Planetary influence on Education

Education teaches a person how to live his/her life - by developing his/her mind and equipping him/her with desired knowledge and skill to deal with realities of life.
The planets Jupiter, Moon & Mercury play a significant role in cognitive accomplishment. When these planets have favorable effect on the 2nd house (primary school) 4th house (high school & college) and the 9th house (higher studies) one may acquire excellent education. With the careful evaluation of the strength of Jupiter, Moon & Mercury influencing these houses, the academic performance of a student may be indicated. A planet has strength if it is exalted, in its own sign, in its friendly sign and unaspected by a malefic planet. On the other hand, if these planets are weak, or placed in inimical signs, joined with malefic planets or having aspect of these planets, one gets hindrances and distractions and is unable to use his full potential. Further, when second and fifth houses and their lords are badly affected, the person has little or no education.
Worried about your child’s performance in studies? Check out the following combinations in the horoscope of your child and guide and help him sharpen his/her skills and knowledge in the area indicated therein:
·       If Jupiter is strong in the natal chart, one has tendency to learn and perform well in the areas like finance, education, philosophy and spirituality.
·       If Mercury is strong in the natal chart, one has propensity to exhibit his/her potential in the linguistic, mathematics and communication fields.
·       Moon & Rahu combinations indicate engineering or medical streams.
·       If Mars is strong in the natal chart, one may opt for engineering or medical (surgery) field.
·       Venus and Mars combination in the natal chart indicates electrical stream.
·       Saturn points to the streams like mines, minerals, leather and petroleum.
·       If Ketu is strong in the natal chart, one has ability to perform well in electronic media.
·       If Sun is strong in the natal chart, one has a knack to excel in administrative stream.
·       If Venus is strong in the natal chart, one has aptitude to study and perform well in music, dance, acting, painting and other artistic work.

One should examine the strength and weakness of all the planets and signs and should have proper and judicious investigation of all the relevant factors before deciding the stream for one’s child.
© Gulab Jain, 1st August, 2012
Posted from Washington DC (USA)