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Effect of different planets in Sixth House

Planets have different effects in different houses. This effect may be benefic or malefic depending upon their placement in exaltation/ debilitation, Moola- trikona, own house or natural friend’s/ enemy’s house. This effect may be favorable if it is under the influence of natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon; or unfavorable, if it is under the influence of  natural malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun or Ketu.
Let us start enumerating the effect of different planets in the Sixth House which is primarily considered for debts, diseases, enemies, mental affliction, misfortune and mother’s brother.
The effects of different planets in the Sixth House are as follows:
The natives with favorable Sun in their sixth house are rich with wonderful personality. They are, generally, successful in politics and all their endeavours.
Afflicted or malefic Sun causes heart or bone related problem to the native. This indicates suffering to mother’s brother also.
The natives with favorable and strong Moon in their sixth house mostly overcome their enemies easily.
Afflicted or weak Moon causes much ill-health during early childhood and makes the native lazy and lethargic. The native is also constantly troubled by his enemies.
The natives with favorable Mars in their sixth house are generally stout, courageous and illustrious. They may shine well as a politician.
Afflicted or malefic Mars causes rheumatism or leprosy. The native may also suffer from injury or accident. He is not able to succeed in litigation.
The natives with favorable Mercury in their sixth house are wise, intelligent and self-made persons. They are, usually, devoid of enemies.
Afflicted or unfavorable Mercury makes the natives impatient, lazy and argumentative. They, usually, get lots of impediments in their educational pursuits.
The natives with Jupiter in their sixth house are, generally, healthy and capable of winning their enemies.
Afflicted or weak Jupiter may cause rheumatism, cough and cold. The natives suffer due to over- eating habits. They may also undergo disrespect.
The natives with Venus in their sixth house are without any enemy. They, generally, get favors from women.
In case of weak and afflicted Venus, the natives are deprived of domestic happiness. Their health, generally, gets affected by too much of sexual indulgence with other women.
The natives with beneficially influenced Saturn in their sixth house are, generally, authoritative, courageous and capable of overcoming their enemies. It also indicates gains through contract work and mining operations.
The natives with unfavorable Saturn are obstinate and quarrelsome. If afflicted by Mars, dangerous illness or operation is indicated. There is likelihood of early loss of mother’s brother also.
The natives with Rahu in their sixth house are, usually rich and long-lived. They may have many cousins.
The natives with unfavorable Rahu in their sixth house, generally, suffer from diseases in private parts.
The native with Ketu in sixth house are, generally, famous, foe-less and full of authority. Some of them may even possess intuitive and occult powers.
Unfavorable Ketu may make the natives with questionable character.
One thing that the readers of this blog should keep in mind is that the above-mentioned effects are general in nature. It is very important to take into consideration the strength of the house and its lord, location of the lord, the exaltations and debilitations of the house-lords, conjunctions, planets in that particular house and various aspects over it, before arriving at any conclusion.
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