Saturday, December 10, 2016

South : The Direction of Prestige & Precaution

In Vaastu Shastra, the presiding deity of South direction is Lord of death - Yama. Hence, some inauspiciousness is associated with this direction which certainly makes it unfavourable direction. Nevertheless, one may get lots of benefits by following the principles of Vaastu Shastra and not doing the forbidden tasks such as having a septic tank, living room, room for kids and guest room in South direction .
In Astrology, South direction is represented by the planet Mars. So, one may avoid the ill-effects of this direction by propitiating Mars with chanting of right kind of mantras and doing other remedial things.
In Feng-Shui, the element of fire resides in the South sector. It brings recognition, fame and a good name. To energize the South, two powerful symbols can be placed here - the Horse and the Phoenix.
As per the Science of Numerology, the South direction is auspicious for the persons born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th in any month, but more particularly so when these dates occur from the 21st March to 26th April, and from the 21st October to 27th November.
One can protect oneself from the evil effects of the South direction by adopting the following ways:
·      Keep all cash and valuables wrapped in red cloth in the South direction to increase prosperity and savings.
·      South should be higher than North to increase money inflow.
·      Cash counter in a shop, office or factory should be in South.
·      Put your head in the South while sleeping.
·      Big trees should always be planted in the South.
·      Overhead tank should be in the South.
·      Keep windows or doors in South closed as much as possible.
·      Avoid a cut or extension in South.
·      Avoid car parking in South.
·      Avoid keeping more open space in South than North side.

One may overcome the malicious effect of South direction by following these simple Vaastu & Feng-Shui principles and make life more precious.

© Gulab Jain
December 10, 2016
Posted from Bangalore (Karnataka) India
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