Thursday, August 17, 2017

Effect of Rahu’s Transit in Cancer & Ketu’s Transit in Capricorn on different Rashis

Rahu and Ketu transit will take place on August 18, 2017 at 0553 Hrs. IST. Rahu will be entering backward into Karka Rashi (Cancer Sign) and Ketu will be entering backward into Makara Rashi (Capricorn Sign). Both Rahu and Ketu will be staying there until March 06, 2019.
The following are their transit effects on different rashis as per the Moon sign. Given here are the general effects, as mentioned in the classical Vedic Astrology Scriptures. However, they may vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope:
This transit is likely to bring in some domestic troubles for most of you. Check the titles of the immovable property before buying to avoid losses. Don’t use illegitimate means to earn money.
Health of mother may be cause of concern. A few of you may face ups and down and unexpected transfer at their work place.
This is going to be a fortunate transit for businessmen, traders and professionals. Service class people might have good chances of promotion. Short visits will be beneficial. Your social status will improve.
During the waning moon period, some of you may experience loss due to enemies or rivals. A few of you may have fruitless long journeys.
Financial matters require extra attention, as there are some hard times ahead during this transit. Businessmen and traders will have tough competition from their competitors. Most of you may have troubled domestic life.
Take proper care while investing in stock market. There is danger of theft and loss of valuables. A few of women may have uterus related problems. 
This transit is inauspicious for most of you. The partnership businesses are going to suffer due to the negative attitude of partners. A few of you may suffer from some fear of weird nature. Marital life may not be cordial.
The health of the spouse may also cause concern for many of you. Spiritual approach towards life would provide huge relief.
Chances of foreign travel are bright for some of you. Sources of income may increase for a few of you, but they should be ready for some big expenditure too. Your enemies will vanish, debts will go away and health will improve.
A few of you may suffer from some ailment related to stomach.
This transit is going to yield good fortune for most of you. Friends and family will provide you big support. Long distance travel is on the card for a few of you. There will be boost in your social status.
A few of the parents may have tension over the inadequate performance of their kids in studies. Children’s health may cause concern to some of you.
You are likely to have some financial gain in your field of work. If in service, work hard to establish cordial relations with your superiors. Change of place is indicated for some of you.
Take care of your health and that of your mother. Avoid any disputes or deals related to your landed property as you may lose the same. Avoid travelling as much as possible as you may meet with an accident.
This transit brings in some happiness and financial gains for you. Fruitful travel plans are on the card. Health will improve.
Any involvement in malicious activities will lead to loss of wealth. Investment in stock market is not advised during this transit. Health of father may be cause of concern. Avoid any kind of arguments with your siblings in order to maintain peace at home.
Losses in trade, profession or business will put many of you in a state of depression. You will meet with success only after hard work and perseverance. Maintain a good rapport with your employer and colleagues, if employed, to avoid any unpleasant situation. Unexpected transfer is also indicated for some of you.
You may face continuous health problems, especially diseases of the reproductive organs. Government penalties are likely, if tax matters are handled carelessly. Avoid getting involved in any kind of litigations as you may lose in the same.
Your endeavors may not bring in the desired results during this transit. Financially also this could prove to be a tricky time for some of you. Expenses may soar and saving money could be difficult for you.
Keep away from any kind of arguments with your spouse as this might lead to quarrels. The health of your spouse may also cause worry during this particular time. Some of you may also have to go to a distant place, which could also prove to be troublesome for you.
This transit is auspicious for most of you. There will be considerable improvement in your trade and business. Your hard work in service will yield good results. Chances of promotion for some of you are bright. Most of you are going to enjoy marital bliss at home.
Take care of your finances and keep an eye on your expenditures. Some of you may also expect to travel to foreign land during this period of time.
Take any financial decision judiciously, as this transit is inauspicious for most of you. You are advised to keep away from gambling or speculation. A few of you might suffer from stomach related ailments. Students are advised to work hard to get the desired results.
Some of you may have feeling of fear and mental worries.  Pregnant ladies should be careful, as there are chances of miscarriage during this transit.

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Posted from West Chester (Pennsylvania) USA