Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gurugulab's gyaan on Vaastu

  • It’s auspicious to place photos or paintings of deities on the walls in the north, north-east or eastern sides.
  • A well or under- ground water storage should never be in the west or south-west parts of a plot.
  • The overhead tank should be in the west or between the west and south-west parts of the plot.
  • It’s advisable, as far as possible, not to keep any door or window openings on the southern walls of a house.
  • A basement or cellar should be avoided. However, if required, it’s advised to locate it in the north, north-east or eastern sides of the plot.
  • A roof sloping towards the south or west causes financial instability.
  • Parapet walls on the south and west sides should be kept higher than the others.