Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year 2012 for YOU

Aries (Mesha)

Some of you may get a chance to visit a foreign land during this year. All areas of personal and family health need attention. Your income may suffer and you may even lose some of your money due to any kind of partnership or joint business enterprise. Those employed should avoid arguments with their seniors at work as it might cause them to lose their jobs. Keep your anger under control otherwise you may either have to face humiliation and defamation; or If married, you may get involved in a clash with your spouse. However, you will experience good times from mid-year onwards and have satisfactory financial growth and domestic happiness.

Taurus (Vrishabh)

Health will be good and you will be at peace with yourself, but, if married, the health of your spouse needs attention during the year ahead. The year will be good for you both professionally and socially. The flow of money will be smooth and by and large more than you would expect. You are also likely to spend some money on auspicious occasions and on long distance travels. You may buy land or a house. Some of you may consider building a house on land you already possess. Your enemies will not be able to cause you any harm. Avoid negative attitude while approaching your near and dear ones.

Gemini (Mithun)

During the first half of the year, you may expect promotions at the workplace, gain in trade and even a position of higher authority in your professional life, but afterwards, you are advised to exercise financial caution to avoid losses in business or profession. Any investment in stock market will be futile and unrewarding. A trip to foreign land is expected.  Your enemies would be submissive and you would gain over them. You are also likely to meet someone interesting from the opposite sex who would possibly belong to some other region. Health of the kids will cause concern and require immediate attention.
Cancer (Karka)
If in business, you may face a decline in income in the beginning of the year. If in service, you may even start disliking your job and may face the wrath of your boss or a higher authority. Some of you are likely to be transferred to another place of work during this period. But your financial condition will improve satisfactorily from mid-year onwards. If eligible, you may consider marriage and couples may expect a new member in their family. There could also be certain sudden gain of money for most of you. Some of you may even find your children going off track or developing some serious ailments.  

Leo (Simha)
The year ahead is auspicious, especially relating to work and finances. You are likely to make money in more than one way. Success comes from new undertakings or enterprises. You may also consider buying land or fixed property during this time. If unemployed, chances of getting some lucrative job are very bright. Those employed may get a promotion, increase in authority, or a pay rise. Any previous ailments will vanish, bringing you comfort and happiness. Home life too will be nourishing and full of conjugal bliss. Your enemies will be defeated and good luck and fortune will bless you during this time. You may also consider going on long distance travel. Your mother’s health could become a matter of concern for you. It’s advised to avoid any kind of property related litigations during this phase.
Virgo (Kanya)
The year starts with financial difficulties and futility of efforts. During this time, you may get involved in unnecessary quarrels and may create new enemies, sometimes within your own family. Health would require a lot of attention during this particular time. From July onwards, you may expect to gain money from various known and unknown sources and you may even get financial benefits from your enemies. This could prove to be a particularly good time for authors, publishers, professors and people related to the field of books. You may also consider buying land or other immovable property during this period. Singles may consider marriage with a match of their choice and those who are planning a baby may go for it at this time. Health should be fine and you may also consider going on long distance travel.
Libra (Tula)
During the first half of the year, you are likely to experience fulfillment of your desires and a comfortable home. Singles may consider tying the knot and couples may consider an addition in the family. If married, you are likely to enjoy heightened conjugal bliss with your partner during this time. From May onwards, finances may be at an all time low, so avoid wasteful expenditure and taking on unnecessary loans. Although no serious diseases are indicated, you may be at risk from injury by weapons, poisons or fire, and subject to general physical pain and fatigue. You may also suffer from considerable worry and anxiety. Your spouse will also be prone to physical pain or discomfort. Try and keep yourself away from illicit practices, which may lead to prosecution.
Scorpio (Vrischik)
Due to the malefic effect of Sadesati, you will have unnecessary expenses and financial losses. Some of you may find it difficult to keep up your good name and position in the work place. You may have to make changes in your profession or business. The health of spouse and your children will require much attention, as they may be prone to serious ailments. Your feet and eyes require more care than usual. Many of you are likely to travel to a foreign land and may have to stay away from your family. However, any kind of journey may prove to be futile. You tend to increase your enemies by being involved in unnecessary arguments with your family and friends. This is the time to be extra careful while making serious decisions. However, the last quarter of the year will provide you some relief. Your financial status will start improving and your efforts will produce good results. You may expect to meet and befriend men of distinction, who could also prove to be beneficial for you.
Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Financially this is a very good year for you. You are likely to make unexpected profit during this period of time from whatever business or profession you are in. You are also likely to acquire significant property during this time. Those in businesses relating to building materials, coal, leather etc. may look forward to even greater profits. If employed, you are very likely to be promoted to a position of higher authority. This is also an auspicious time to pursue higher study. For those wishing it, marriage is on the cards at this time. Your friends will be helpful towards you and you are likely to make new ones as well. Your spouse and children will be a source of happiness. Students may expect success in their field of learning. During the last quarter of the year, beware of thieves, a fire at your workplace and even the wrath of the government.
Capricorn (Makara)
You may expect satisfactory inflow of money this year, some of which could be sudden, from several sources. Some of you are likely to consider a change of profession or field of work. You may even acquire some landed property. Domestic life would be good. Your ailing spouse and children would recover from diseases. The second half of the year could be regarded as a socially good time as well, as you would be able to command more respect and honour in the society. On the more personal front, if single, you may expect to meet your perfect match during this time and may even consider marriage. If married, you may expect the arrival of a new member in your family. Your relationship with the other members of your family would improve and you may even gain from some of them. An auspicious event may take place at home. Beware of your enemies and consciously avoid creating new ones at this time.
Aquarius (Kumbha)
‘Patience’ is the key word for you this year. Some of you are likely to go through a trying time in your profession. You may be transferred or may have to work extra hard. Be careful of enemies and employees who are likely to deceive you. Beware of anything that might defame you at work or in society. Finances also require proper handling. You may get the opportunity to earn extra money but there will be a number of obstacles in the way of achieving it. Avoid any kind of litigation, criminal activities or immoral deeds. Some of you may face criminal proceedings. Health needs extra attention at this time. Mentally, you are likely to feel restless and distressed, mostly due to the health matters relating to your mother. If possible, avoid traveling as much as possible as you may meet with an accident. You may expect some gain from your cordial relationship with people of distinction in the second half of the year.
Pisces (Meena)
The first half of the year brings in happiness and financial gain for you. During this time you may expect promotions at the workplace and gain in trade and business. Socially it could be a satisfying period as you are likely to gain fame and respect in society. Students would excel in their respective field of learning. But during the second half of the year, many of you are likely to go through a rough phase at work, in business or in any field of activity. Your professional life is likely to go on a bumpy ride with several ups and downs. Health could be a cause of concern. You are likely to develop serious ailments. Avoid any kind of arguments with those close to you, as you will tend to create new enemies within your family at this time. Investment in stock market is not at all advised.

© Gulab Jain, 1st January, 2012