Saturday, May 12, 2012

Effect of Sun-Eclipse on 21-05-2012 on different Rasis

This year Sun-eclipse, the only eclipse visible in India, is going to occur on 21-05-2012. This eclipse, taking place in Taurus Rasi and Krittika constellation, will start at 0226 hrs. and end at 0819 hrs on 21-05-2012. As this eclipse is happening in Taurus Rasi and Krittika constellation, it is going to affect the persons born in this rasi/constellation very badly.
The effect of this Sun-eclipse on different rasis will be as under:
Your income may suffer and you may even lose some of your money due to any kind of partnership or joint business enterprise. Those employed might lose their jobs due to their lethargic attitude.
Beware of your enemies, as they might cause you some harm. You may be in trouble while in travel. Some of you may be at risk from injury by weapons, poisons or fire.
You will have unnecessary expenses and financial losses. Some of you may lose money in speculation and gambling.
Lots of monetary gains are indicated. You may get promoted, if in service. Speculative deals will be rewarding.
Any previous ailments will vanish, bringing you comfort and happiness. Home life too will be nourishing and full of marital bliss.
Some of you may find it difficult to keep up your good name and position in society. Therefore, avoid any kind of litigation, criminal activities or immoral deeds.
You may have lot of health problems. Loss of job and trouble at work place are indicated. Some of you may even have to face the wrath of the government, get involved in litigations and even get imprisoned. 
The health of spouse will require much attention, as she/he may be prone to serious ailments.
You are going to experience auspicious time relating to work and finances. Good luck and fortune will bless you in many ways.
You may suffer from considerable worry and anxiety. This is the time to be extra careful while making serious decisions.
Mentally, you are likely to feel restless and distressed mostly due to your deteriorating health.  Losses in business will also put some of you in a state of depression.
You may expect promotions at the workplace and gain in trade and business. You are likely to make money in more than one way.

© Gulab Jain, May 12, 2012