Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effect of Transit of Venus on different Rasis

One of the celestial wonders that naturally occur due to the movements of celestial bodies will be the transit of planet Venus across the Sun which will take place tomorrow i.e. 06 June 2012. The next pair of transit of Venus will occur in 2117 and 2125, making it truly once in life time opportunity. This is only the seventh time that this phenomenon is taking place since 1608.
Venus represents love, relationships, art, beauty, attraction, luck, personal magnetism, money, mother’s love, sensuality etc.
Venus entered Taurus on 28-03-2012 at 1410 hrs. It will keep transiting in this sign till 31-07-2012. Effect of this transit of Venus on different signs will be as under:
This transit is auspicious for you as all your efforts bring fruits. Great time is ahead of you to enjoy good health, wealth and esteem. Marital pleasure will be in abundance. Birth of a son is likely, if married. This will be favourable period for students.
You are going to enjoy wealth and happiness. Some of you may get married and beget child. Persons trading in liquids, cosmetics and fancy goods will be benefitted.
On one hand this transit signifies financial gain and on the other, it also denotes some unforeseen losses of wealth due to unnecessary expenditure and wastage of money on a trip to a foreign country. Take extra care to avoid any theft in the house particularly during this time. However, at home you would enjoy conjugal bliss.
You may get promoted, if in service. Marital bliss/romance will be in abundance. Source of income will increase. You are going to enjoy good health.
The assets drain away slowly and steadily and scarcity hovers around you. There is fear of penalty or punishment, if government matters are not handled properly and timely. It’s not a good period for politicians. Married persons will not be able to keep good relations with their in-laws.
This transit is very auspicious for your father. Source of income will increase. You may get promoted, if in service. Students will be rewarded for their hard work.
You are going to enjoy good health, wealth and esteem. Marital pleasure will be in abundance. Enemies are vanquished. All the pending government matters are solved in your favour. Celebration time at home for some of you.
This transit indicates a troublesome period caused mostly by women. Your spouse may have to face health problems. Take care of your health, as you are likely to suffer from venereal diseases, urinary tract disorder and other minor diseases. Professionally this period could not be regarded as conducive.
You may have to change your present employment or profession due to troubles or impediments. No marital bliss during this transit. False accusations, scandals and humiliations are also indicated during this transit.
This period denotes a good time financially, as you would be able to increase your funds. If you are taking any examination under any government department during this time, you are most likely to be successful. If employed you are also likely to get promoted.
This transit denotes financial growth for you. This is the most favourable period for politicians. Many of you might be able to fulfill your dreams of owning your own house. You don’t have any enemy during this transit.
You may expect an upward move in your financial condition giving you financial security. This could also be a professionally good period for you. Health is likely to be in good shape. If eligible, you may consider marriage. Some of you may also expect a new member in your family.
© Gulab Jain, 5th June, 2012