Monday, November 19, 2012

South-West – The Direction of Control, Command & Confidence

The eldest member or the head of the family is responsible for nurturing love, care, trust and respect amongst all the family members. And in Vaastu Shastra, it’s the South-West, also called Nairutya, direction that gives authority, leadership and dominating attitude to the head of the family to enable him to perform his role successfully. So, one may enhance one’s influence and power by looking after and activating the South-West direction.

In Astrology, South-West direction is said to be occupied by Rahu which, besides other things, signifies old men and grand-parents or, in other words, the elderly persons. So, one may improve one’s domination over others by occupying the South-West direction and propitiating Rahu with chanting of right kind of mantras and doing other remedial things.

In Feng-Shui, the South-West direction embodies love and relationships among the family members and between couples. Therefore, keeping this sector always energized is important for providing strength and stability to relationships.

As per the Science of Numerology, the South-West direction is favorable for the persons born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st in any month, but more importantly so when these dates occur from the 20th June to 27th July, and from the 21st July to 28th August.

One can protect and activate the South-West direction by adopting the following ways:

·         Keep the south-west direction as heavy as possible.

·         Master bedroom meant for the head of the family should be in the South-West direction.

·         Walls along the south-west should be thicker as compared to walls along the north-east.

·         The south-west portion of the house should never be left open, nor should a pit be dug is this direction. If at all, digging is necessary it should be covered as early as possible to avoid disastrous effects on the dwellers.

·         Since the south-west direction is ruled by Pitru (ancestors), pictures of the ancestors may be placed on the south-west wall of the drawing-room.

·         Tall trees may be grown in this sector.

·         Any underground water tank in south-west may prove to be fatal to the head of the family.

·         Any vertical addition should be made in the south or west of an existing building.

·         The number of windows or doors should be lesser in this direction as the wind from this direction brings many diseases to the occupants.

·         The cupboard containing all the valuables should be kept towards south-west part of a room so that its doors open towards North or East.

·         In order to keep the enemies or the bad people at arm’s length, this direction shouldn’t be lowered or extended in any way.

·         Anything crystal in this sector helps to activate relationships.

One may acquire and improve one’s control and command by following these simple Vaastu, Feng-Shui and Astrological principles and make life more meaningful.

© Gulab Jain, November 19, 2012

Posted from Bangalore (India)