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Rahu’s Transit in Libra & Ketu’s Transit in Aries:

In Vikram Samvat 2069, Rahu will enter Libra & Ketu in Aries on 23rd December, 2012 at 1807 hours in the constellation of Bharni, Shiv Yoga & Arien Moon and will transit there till the end of Samvat 2069.

The following are their transit effects on different Rasis as per the Moon signs. Given here are the general effects as mentioned in the classical Vedic Astrology Shastras. However they can vary quite a bit based on your individual horoscope:


Keep away from any kind of arguments with your spouse as this might lead to quarrels. The health of your spouse may also cause worry during this particular time. Avoid all kinds of litigations to evade humiliation and defamation. Some of you may also have to go to a distant place, which could also prove to be bothersome for you.

Your endeavors may not bring in the desired results. Financially also this could prove to be a tricky time for some of you. Expenses may soar and saving money could be difficult for you. Also, avoid taking any kind of loans during this time.


This transit brings in wealth from various sources for you. You will get success in all your efforts. Your honour and status in the society is also expected to rise during this particular time. Your enemies would be submissive and you would gain over them.

Take care of your finances and keep an eye on your expenditures. Some of you may also expect to travel to foreign land during this period of time.


This transit generally signifies realization of wealth and acquisition of landed property. This is also a good time to fulfill your ambitions. There could also be certain sudden gain of money for many of you.

But health of your child might suffer during this time and need immediate attention. Some of you may even find your children going astray. Your decision-making skill may go haywire due to some confusion or dilemma.


You are likely to establish a good rapport with some important influential people through whom you are going to be benefitted. But at the same time, this transit signifies an increase in your enemy. A few of you are going to face loss of money due to some wrong company. Your mother’s health could become a matter of concern for you.

It would be a good idea to avoid any kind of property related litigations during this phase. Get ready for leaving your family and unexpected transfer. Also, take care of your valuables during travel.


Source of income will increase. You may get promoted, if in service and those who are involved in trade may also expect added profit during this particular time. Health should remain fine and you would face any problem with much courage and vitality. Socially also, this will prove to be a good time as you are likely to be honoured and your status would take an upwardly move. You may have to travel to a foreign land during this particular time.

During the waning moon period, some of you may experience loss due to enemies or rivals. Investment in stock market is not advised.


Loss of job and trouble at work place are indicated. You may have lot of health problems, especially diseases of the reproductive systems. Health of your spouse may also become a cause of concern for most of you during this time.

Stay away from all the litigations or issues related to the judiciary; chances are, you may even lose in such cases. Try and keep yourself away from illicit practices, which may lead to prosecution.


There are troubles at the place of employment and likelihood of loss of job or losses in business. Stay away from any kind of argument with your spouse and friends, as it might lead to a fight with them. You may have to be extra careful to avoid trouble from enemies.

Travel is likely to be troublesome, so better avoid it. Your health may require utmost care, as you are likely to suffer from many diseases primarily related to the stomach.


There will be some improvement in your financial status. Some auspicious event like a marriage may commence at your residence. You are likely to defeat your opponents and gain over them. You need to put in more efforts to get the desired results of your endeavors.

Your health may need your focused attention during this time. The possibility of a change in your residence cannot be denied during this phase.


You will get success in all your efforts. There will be inflow of money, some of which could be sudden, from several sources including foreign travel and business relating to the waterways. Some of you may even acquire some landed property. You are going to command more respect and honor in the society.

Keep the excessive expenditure under control to avoid tension. Avoid taking any loan at this time. The health of your children could cause concern to some of you.


You are likely to have monetary gain in your field of work. If in service, you will be able to establish cordial relations with your superiors. Change of place is indicated for some of you.

Take care of your health and that of your mother. Avoid any disputes or deals related to your landed property as you may lose the same. Avoid travelling as much as possible as you may meet with an accident.


This transit brings in happiness and financial gains for many of you. Students would excel in their respective field of learning. Fruitful travel plans are on the card.

Any involvement in malicious activities will lead to loss of wealth. Investment in stock market is not advised during this transit. Avoid any kind of arguments with your siblings in order to maintain peace at home.


Losses in trade, profession or business will put many of you in a state of depression. If employed, maintain a good rapport with your employer and colleagues to avoid any unpleasant situation. Unexpected transfer is also indicated for some of you. Utmost care should be taken for the success of all your endeavors as your enemies may conspire against you.

You may face continuous health problems, especially diseases of the reproductive organs. Government penalties are likely, if tax matters are handled carelessly. Avoid getting involved in any kind of litigations as you may lose in the same.

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