Monday, May 13, 2013

Effect of different planets in Ninth House

Planets have different effects in different houses. This effect may be benefic or malefic depending upon their placement in exaltation/ debilitation, Moola- trikona, own house or natural friend’s/ enemy’s house. This effect may be favorable if it is under the influence of natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon; or unfavorable, if it is under the influence of  natural malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun or Ketu.

Let us start enumerating the effect of different planets in the Ninth House which is primarily considered for father, fame and long distance travel of the native and secondarily for grand-children, righteousness, intuition etc.
The effects of different planets in the Ninth House are as follows:

The natives with favorable Sun in their ninth house will be bestowed with good fortune, children and happiness.
If afflicted Sun occupies the ninth house, the native lacks respect for his/her father and elders. If Moon combines Sun here, he/she suffers from defective eye-sight. 

The natives with favorable and strong Moon in their ninth house are generally happy, generous, religious and wealthy. They acquire considerable immovable property and have good chances of visiting foreign countries.
Afflicted or weak Moon in the ninth causes sickly constitution. If Venus combines the Moon here, the native may lead an immoral life.

The natives with favorable Mars in their ninth house are generally fortunate, famous, wealthy and charitable.
Unfavorable Mars in this house makes the native mean, violent, stubborn and unfortunate. He/she may have to face early loss of father.

The natives with Mercury in their ninth house are learned, cultured, wealthy, and good orator. They are, usually, successful in scientific pursuits. They may get invitations to lecture abroad. If associated with Venus, they may excel in various art forms.

The natives with favorable Jupiter in their ninth house, in all probability, become proficient in shastras, law or philosophy. They are generous, learned and principled. They have ample opportunities to visit foreign land as a lecturer or preacher. The native’s father is long-lived.
The native’s character may be questionable if the Sun and Venus join the Jupiter in the ninth house.

The natives with favorable Venus in their ninth house are learned, famous and fortunate and are endowed with all kinds of comforts and lead a very happy life.
In case of weak and afflicted Venus, the native may suffer from urinary trouble.

The natives with Saturn in their ninth house, only under benefic influence, become philosophical, religious and detached.
The natives with unfavorable Saturn will lead a lonely and unhappy life. If Mercury joins the Saturn here, the native generally becomes untruthful and deceitful.

The natives with Rahu in their ninth house are, generally, impolite and miser. They will have a distressing wife.

The natives with Ketu in their ninth house are, generally, arrogant and short-tempered. They treat their parents badly in most of the cases.

One thing that the readers of this blog should keep in mind is that the above-mentioned effects are general in nature. It is very important to take into consideration the strength of the house and its lord, location of the lord, the exaltations and debilitations of the house-lords, conjunctions, planets in that particular house and various aspects over it, before arriving at any conclusion.

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