Sunday, March 29, 2015

Understanding Insomnia through Astrology

Insomnia is sleeplessness which affects the human mind and body and causes anxiety to the extent that the person fails to perform his normal duties. In today’s world, most of the people have been leading a stressful life. This strain may be caused by factors like domestic problems, non-employment, losses in business, inability to face financial challenges and so on. Insomnia can be caused by physical factors as well as psychological factors. There is often an underlying medical condition that causes chronic insomnia, while transient insomnia may be due to a recent event or occurrence. Besides signs like difficulty falling asleep at night or awakening during the night, sleep deprivation can cause other symptoms like poor concentration & focus, being uncoordinated, irritability, depression and difficulty socializing.

However, in astrology, the classical texts refer to insomnia as pertaining to affliction of the 12th house, Sun, Mars and the Moon. Some of the astrological combinations causing insomnia are given hereunder:

·         Mars and Venus in the 12th house upset sleep.
·         12th lord in the ascendant, while Moon is afflicted, causes insomnia.
·         Moon in the 12th conjunct with Ketu causes insomnia.
·         Moon in the 12th house associated with malefic cause sleeplessness.
·         The Sun and Mars in ascendant and aspected by malefic cause insomnia.
·         The house of Pisces represents sleep. So, if 12th lord and the house of Pisces are afflicted, one suffers from sleeplessness.
·         The Sun, Mars and the Moon in the 8th house, aspected by malefics cause insomnia.
·         The 12th lord in the 5th house, conjunct with malefics causes sleeplessness.
The problem of insomnia may be overcome by propitiating the malefic planets with the recitation of mantras as prescribed by our shastras and giving in charity the items related to those planets. This problem may also be conquered by wearing Emerald, Moon Stone and Yellow Sapphire in appropriate fingers.
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29th March, 2015
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