Sunday, April 26, 2015


In astrology, the 7th house of one’s horoscope stands for the spouse. This house is called the Kalatra Bhava. It rules romance, love and hatred, marriage etc. Basically, the planet responsible for the ideal spouse is Venus. Venus also stands for wife, marriage, romance, beauty, poetry, dance, drama, songs, marital happiness etc. Further, the 2nd and the 7th lords are also very important for the purpose. Thus, the individual’s luck for a happy married life depends upon the planets in the 7th and the 2nd houses. The position of Mars is no less vital than Venus, while Rahu damages the Kalatra Yoga. A total assessment is to be made considering the aforesaid aspects.
Let us see, in general, the results of the placement or combination of different planets in the 7th house:
Venus: Wife will be good looking, wealthy and from good family and will also be romantic.
Jupiter: Wife will be obedient, dutiful, good looking and from an elite family. The spouse gets money from wife.
Moon: The native will be attracted towards women and if it’s full Moon, he will have female children.
Sun: Wife will be sickly and barren.
Mercury: The native will have good wife but, at the same time, he will have liaison with other women.
Mars: The native may have liaison with a servant or a widow. There may be loss of wife.
Saturn: Wife will be sickly. There may be loss of wife.
Rahu: The native will have liaison with a widow and also many women. There may be loss of wife and second marriage.
Ketu: The native will have intelligent and God-fearing wife but she may be barren. There may be loss of wife too.
One has to properly read and analyze the above results keeping in mind the other combinations, placements, yoga and aspects of different planets.
© Gulab jain
April 26, 2015
Bangalore (Karnataka)