Friday, September 18, 2015

Effect of Transit of Saturn in Western Astrology

Planets in the zodiac keep moving through their respective paths with their particular velocities through different signs. This motion of planets over different signs and planets during a particular period of time is termed as ‘Transit’ or ‘Gochara’.

In Vedic Astrology, predictions are made on the basis of the birth-chart of the native and the timing of the events is arrived at by various methods like Vimshottari Dasas, Tajik system and Gochara etc.; whereas in Western Astrology, the exact time of an event is decided using methods like Primary & Secondary Directions, Radix System and the Progressed Horoscope of Alan Leo etc.

According to Vedic Astrology, the most malefic planet Saturn gives good results while transiting the third, sixth and eleventh houses from the natal Moon or Janma Rasi. In the remaining houses, Saturn’s transit is considered as inauspicious. On the contrary, the Western astrologers have given much importance to the transit of Saturn over radical positions of other planets in a horoscope. Alan Leo, one of the world famous Western astrologers, has given the following descriptions of such positions, which are considered of utmost significance:

Saturn transiting over the Ascendant:
Saturn, while crossing the Ascendant, causes colds, rheumatism or accidents. If coinciding with bad directions, such transits may mark a very serious time; however, under good directions, troubles will be just for a short duration.

Saturn transiting over the Sun:
Trouble with superiors, losses in business, danger in position and reputation, trouble through father and husband, decline in health are a few results of Saturn crossing the Sun in the chart.

Saturn transiting over the Moon:
Saturn, while crossing the Moon, brings trouble or loss through business, property, family or domestic matters, and house or land. This transit is unfortunate for mother, wife or female relatives. The native’s popularity wanes. The health is liable to suffer. This transit is considered as dreaded in Vedic Astrology also.

Saturn transiting over the Mercury:
Trouble through writings, study, books, documents, depression and worry are a few results of Saturn crossing the Mercury in the chart.

Saturn transiting over the Venus:
Losses in occupations and pursuits ruled by Venus, scandal or trouble through female friends and relatives are indicated when Saturn transits over the Venus. However, in case of well aspected Venus, there may be some gains.

Saturn transiting over the Mars:
Saturn, while crossing the Mars, brings sudden troubles, danger of quarrels and accidents and change of occupation.

Saturn transiting over the Jupiter:
In case of Jupiter being well placed and aspected at birth, Saturn in transit over Jupiter will bring financial gains through investments, religion and/or law. But if afflicted, there may be danger of loss and trouble.

Saturn transiting over its own place:
Saturn, while crossing over its own place, brings more often loss and troubles. However, in case of Saturn being well placed and aspected at birth, there may be gain through things signified by the planet.

It is always prudent to use all the available methods, be it from Vedic or Western astrology, in order to arrive at the right prediction and exact timing of events.

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September 18, 2015
Posted from Bangalore (Karnataka) India