Friday, July 10, 2015

Effect of Jupiter’s transit in Leo on different Rasis

JUPITER will enter the Sun-ruled Zodiac sign LEO on 14th July, 2015 at 0626 hours in the constellation of Mrigshira & Geminian Moon and will transit there till 12th August, 2016. This transit of Jupiter through Leo is termed as ‘Singhest Guru’. According to our Holy Scriptures, it is believed that this period of ‘Singhest Guru’ is unfavorable for performing any auspicious ceremony.

The effect of Jupiter’s transit in Leo on different Rasis will be as follows:

You will be rewarded with success in all your efforts. You are going to enjoy health, wealth and prosperity during this transit of Jupiter. Your honour and status in the society is also expected to rise during this particular time. Students will have a favorable period till around middle of January, 2016. There will be improvement in relationship with your family members and you may even gain from some of them.

Losses in business will put you in a state of depression. Unexpected transfer is indicated, if in service. Stay away from any kind of litigations and property related issues, especially during January, 2016 to April, 2016. Take care of your health and that of your mother.
However, a few of you might get an opportunity to buy a house or vehicle.

There may be problems at the place of employment and likelihood of loss of job or losses in business. Stay away from any kind of argument with your siblings and friends, as it might lead to a fight with them. Avoid undertaking any journey during this period as you might incur some loss in it.

This transit of Jupiter is auspicious for most of you as you are likely to add on to your present financial earnings and gain profit in trade and business. Any investment in the stock market is going to yield good profit. Marriage is likely, if single and birth of a son is likely, if married.

Impediments in profession or business are indicated during this transit. You may be in trouble while in travel. There is danger of theft of the valuables. This period may also see you suffer from the wrath of the government, humiliation and loss of position at work. Start offering Abhishek of Panchamrut (a mixture of milk, sugar, honey, curd and ghee) on a Shivling to decrease the negative influence of Rahu, which will transit over your Moon Sign, from January 2016. 

Separation from family is indicated. Mental and physical health may suffer. The outflow of money is expected to be greater than the inflow. Any indulgence in speculation and gambling is going to cause lossess. You may be negative in your attitude while approaching your near and dear ones.

This transit will bless you with health, prestige and lots of monetary gains. All your efforts bring fruits. You may get promoted, if in service. Investment in stock market will be rewarding. Birth of a son is likely, if married.

Get ready for leaving your family and unexpected transfer. You are going to feel scarcity of money. Loss of health and reputation are likely. Take care of your eyes and throat.
A few of you may possibly own a new residence or vehicle during this transit, if fourth lord is strongly placed in your horoscope.

Source of income will increase. All your efforts bring fruits. You may get promoted, if in service. Speculative deals will be rewarding. Birth of a son is likely, if married. Socially also, this will prove to be a good time as your status would take an upwardly move.

Loss of job and trouble at work place are indicated. You may have lot of health problems, especially liver complaints, during this transit of Jupiter. Some of you may even have to face the wrath of the government, get involved in litigations and even get imprisoned. Travel is likely to be troublesome, so better avoid it. Also refrain from lending money to anyone, since the borrower may not return the due amount.

You may have multiple sources of income. Business tours will be rewarding for the exporters. You are likely to experience fulfillment of your desires and a comfortable home. Singles may consider tying the knot and couples may consider an addition in the family.

You are advised to pay more attention to your health; as you may face continuous health problems, especially the stomach ailments and diabetes. Government penalties are likely, if tax matters are handled carelessly. If employed, maintain a good rapport with your employer and colleagues to avoid any unpleasant situation.

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July10, 2015
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