Thursday, January 26, 2017

Saturn’s Transit in Sagittarius: Effect on different Rashis

Saturn will enter Sagittarius Rashi on 26th January, 2017 at 1930 hrs in the constellation of Purva Ashadha and transiting Moon in Sagittarius and will transit there for around two and half years thereafter. The effect of Saturn’s transit on different Rashis will be as follows:
There is some improvement in income during this transit of Saturn. Your health registers a visible positive change but your father’s health may cause some concerns. Separation from the family for some time is also indicated as abroad travel could be on cards. A few of you may incur bitterness of relatives and displeasure of friends resulting depression.
Get ready to face ‘debt, disease and delays’, as Saturn will be transiting your eighth house. Investment in stock market and any sort of gambling is not at all advised. There is likelihood of litigation, imprisonment or loss of reputation, if remedial measures are not taken. Take care of your eye - sight and attend your stomach complaint immediately.
Dilemma, depression and/or disease of secret part are a few results of this unfavorable transit of Saturn. You may have to face opposition and objections to your suggestions /proposals at your work place; therefore, act cautiously and intelligently. Take care of your spouse’s health. If possible, postpone your travel plans as you may meet an accident while in travel.
Promising time is ahead of you to enjoy good health, wealth and reverence. Marital pleasure will be in abundance. Enemies will be defeated. Owning your own home may become the reality for some of you. All the pending government matters will be solved in your favour.
This transit would definitely provide big relief to the problems related to immovable property and domestic issues. However, many of you are going to feel lack of money and decline in comforts. Investment in stock market is not advised. It’s better to postpone long journeys. Health or education of son will be a cause of concern. There are chances of accident; so drive carefully.
Lack of recognition, misunderstanding and undue pressure at work are the results of this inauspicious transit of Saturn. Losses in trade and business will put many of you in a state of depression. Unexpected transfer is indicated, if in service. Health of mother of some of you could be a cause of concern. Not a favorable period for those involved into politics. Beware of your enemies as they may try to make your life uncomfortable.
You are going to enjoy health, wealth and prosperity during this transit of Saturn. Professional life would come back on track steadily. All your efforts will yield good results. You are going to enjoy great time, if married. You may have multiple sources of income. Business tours will be rewarding for the exporters. Moving to your own home might become a reality for many of you.
You may have some relief from acute health problems, but there is going to be loss of money and failure in your endeavours during this transit of Saturn. Don’t lose temper at work place otherwise there is danger of loss of job or getting implicated in disciplinary action. Inheritance matters may get stuck. Take care of your dental problems , if any, immediately.
The transit of Saturn through your Rasi is inauspicious as it makes you inactive physically, mentally and emotionally. Many of you could face ups and downs professionally. All your efforts go in vain. There is likelihood of injury from weapon, stone or fall from height. There is fear of penalty or punishment, if government matters are not handled properly and timely.
The fortune turns away its face from many of you during this transit of Saturn. All the efforts prove to be futile. Tension at work place or in business is likely to occur, as your rivals will try to malign your name. A few of you may have to stay away from your near and dear ones. Don’t get trapped by luring plans of someone close to you. Have a check on your increased expenditure.
This transit of Saturn is auspicious for you as all your efforts bring fruits. Source of income will increase. You may get promoted, if in service. Relatives and friends will lend a great support. Speculative deals will be rewarding. Marital bliss will be much better.
You may think of changing your present employment or profession due to troubles or impediments. Chances of demotion are likely, if in government service. Investment in stock market and speculation is not advised. Remain alert as false accusations, scandals and humiliations are foreseen during this unfavourable transit.
© Gulab Jain
January 26, 2017
Posted from Bangalore (Karnataka) India