Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gaj - Kesari Yoga – Its Meaning & Role in Vedic Astrology

Yogas are of utmost importance in Vedic astrology. But, one needs a lot of expertise and skill to interpret the relative strength of them and determine how effective they really are in astrological predictions.

Yogas are formed when certain specific planetary combinations occur in a horoscope. These yogas may be benefic or malefic depending upon their placement in the chart. There are hundreds of yogas which are considered for the purpose of analysing a horoscope.

In this article, Gaj- Kesari Yoga of Hindu Astrology is explained which is benefic in nature and said to occur under the following circumstances:

·  When Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in the first house: The native having this yoga is good looking, impressive and dignified. He  is blessed with good spouse, progeny and friends. He also enjoys good health.

·       When Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in the fourth house: This type of Gaj- Kesari Yoga is very favourable for the mother of the native. He also enjoys maximum domestic bliss.

·  When Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in the seventh house: The native is learned, skilled and wealthy. He gets success in trade and business. He is lucky in getting conjugal bliss.

·  When Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in the ninenth house: The native is scholar and respectable. He enjoys good carrer prospectus and financial prosperity.

·  When Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in the tenth house: The native is distinguished, contended and fortunate. He takes lot of interest in religious pursuits.

Thus, when formed in kendra or angle from the ascendant, Gaj-Kesari Yoga gives excellent results. But, one thing that the readers of this blog should keep in mind is that the above-mentioned effects of this yoga are general in nature. It is very important to take into consideration the strength of the house and its lord, location of the lord, the exaltations and debilitations of the house-lords, conjunctions, planets in that particular house and various aspects over it, before arriving at any conclusion.

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July 18, 2017
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