Monday, September 3, 2012

Effect of different planets in Third House

Planets have different effects in different houses. This effect may be benefic or malefic depending upon their placement in exaltation/ debilitation, Moola- trikona, own house or natural friend’s/ enemy’s house. This effect may be favorable if it is under the influence of natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or Moon; or unfavorable, if it is under the influence of  natural malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun or Ketu.
Let us start enumerating the effect of different planets in the Third House which is primarily considered for brothers, sisters, relatives in general, courage, throat and ears.
The effects of different planets in the Third House are as follows:
The natives with Sun in their third house are generally generous and happy. If Sun is favorable, they are healthy, valiant and enjoy good and eventful life. Sun in this house also bestows prosperity to their brothers.
Afflicted or malefic Sun causes ear or throat disease. The native is devoid of siblings and inimical towards his/her relations.
The natives with favorable Moon in their third house are healthy and courageous. They are fond of travelling and enjoy all sorts of comforts. It normally confers affluence to their siblings.
In case of afflicted or weak Moon, they suffer from rheumatism. Generally, they become miser and malicious.
The natives with favorable Mars in their third house are strong, brave and acquire considerable material comforts. They are capable of defeating their enemies easily. They get due recognition for their work.
Afflicted or malefic Mars indicates loss of younger sibling. It spoils their relations with other family members.
The natives with Mercury in their third house are honest, intellectual and broad-minded. They are, usually, inclined to trade and business and enjoy good lavish life. They have many siblings.
Afflicted or unfavorable Mercury causes throat disease. They also show tendencies of timidity and unstable mind.
The natives with Jupiter in their third house are knowledgeable, religious and simple. They are fortunate and get due recognition for their work. They enjoy the company of many siblings.
In case of afflicted or weak Jupiter, they may suffer from acidity or inflammation. They lack courage and, generally, remain worried for no obvious reason.
The natives with Venus in their third house are liberal, joyful and strong-minded. They earn well and love all good things in life. They may have more female siblings.
Weak and afflicted Venus causes fragile constitution. They are, generally, misers in their dealings.
The natives with favorable Saturn in their third house are ambitious and daring with dogged determination. They are, usually, good orators and administrators.
The natives with afflicted, weak or unfavorable Saturn suffer on account of their brothers. Their earning is, usually, by questionable means. They are prone to ear ailments.
The natives with Rahu in their third house are bold, long-lived and strong-minded. They may prosper well and have good respect in society.
Unfavorable Rahu in this position causes disharmony with siblings.
The natives with Ketu in their third house are well-off and influential. They may not be defeated easily. They are fortunate enough to enjoy marital bliss.
Unfavorable Ketu causes loss of brothers.
One thing that the readers of this blog should keep in mind is that the above-mentioned effects are general in nature. It is very important to take into consideration the strength of the house and its lord, location of the lord, the exaltations and debilitations of the house-lords, conjunctions, planets in that particular house and various aspects over it, before arriving at any conclusion.
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