Monday, September 10, 2012

Meaning of Sadesati & Dhaiya of Saturn & their effects on Rasis

Of all the malefic planets, Saturn is considered the most dreaded planet because of its evil effects, especially during the periods of its sadesati and dhaiya. So, what is the meaning of Sadesati and Dhaiya of Saturn? When Saturn, during its course of transit of zodiac, enters the twelfth, first and second house from the house where Moon is placed in the natal chart (called the moon sign or janma rasi) of a person, this transit or gochara is termed as Sadesati of Saturn. As Saturn stays in one house for two and a half year, sadesati is nothing but seven and half years’ transit of Saturn in these three houses. The transit of Saturn in fourth and eighth house from the janma rasi for two and a half year is termed as Dhaiya of Saturn.
There are three phases of Sadesati and their effects are as under:
The First Phase:
The first phase of sadesati starts when Saturn enters the twelfth house from the janma rasi. At this stage, the movement of Saturn is either at head or eyes. Hence, the native suffers from eye diseases and severe mental tensions and worries. If in service, he gets demotion or unkind treatment from his seniors and collogues at work place. If in business, he suffers lot of losses and other problems and finds himself in financial mess. Even his near and dear ones don’t lend him any support during this period.
The Second Phase:
The second phase of sadesati starts when Saturn enters the first house from the janma rasi i.e. janma rasi itself. At this stage, the movement of Saturn is at heart. Hence, the native suffers from heart diseases and severe stress and fear. His social and financial status will be jeopardized. He will not be able to stay with his family. His enemies will try to cause harm to him.
The Third Phase:
The third phase of sadesati starts when Saturn enters the second house from the janma rasi. At this stage, the movement of Saturn is at legs. The assets drain away slowly and steadily and scarcity hovers around the native. There is danger of loss of job or getting implicated in litigation. The native may face continuous health problems, especially eye-trouble.
Effect of Dhaiya of Saturn:
If in service, the native faces unexpected transfer or he has to remain unemployed, if searching for a job. Loss of wealth and material comforts is indicated, if in business. The native is deprived of domestic bliss. His mother may have to face severe health problems. There is likelihood of litigation, imprisonment or loss of reputation, if remedial measures are not taken.
Please note that presently, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio Rasis are under the period of Sadesati of Saturn and Cancer & Piscean Rasis are running the period of Dhaiya of Saturn. So, the persons of these rasis are advised to take remedial measures to avoid the evil effects of Saturn and lead a happy and peaceful life.
It is pertinent to note that sadesati or dhaiya of Saturn doesn’t always confer bad results, but on the contrary, it proves to be very beneficial for some people like whose Ascendant signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus or Libra provided that they have good configuration of planets in their natal chart and their running dasa and bhukti are beneficial ones.
In view of above, the readers of this blog are advised not to be afraid of Sadesati or Dhaiya of Saturn. Instead, they should have the opinion of an expert astrologer who can properly analyze their horoscope and tell them if it is actually bad or good for them. Malefic effects of Saturn may be mitigated by propitiating Saturn with the recitation of mantras as prescribed by our shastras and giving in charity the items related to Saturn.
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