Tuesday, March 19, 2013

South-East – The Direction of Health, Affluence and Assets

In Vaastu Shastra, the presiding deity of South-East direction is Agni, the God of Fire. Hence, this direction is also called as Agneya direction. Fire is the representative of Sun, which provides us light, energy and life. Without the element of fire, we can’t imagine our existence. One may get lots of benefits by not doing the forbidden tasks in the South-East and following the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

In Astrology, South-East direction is represented by the planet Venus. So, one may improve one’s health, wealth and prosperity by propitiating Venus with chanting of right kind of mantras and doing other remedial things.

In Feng-Shui, South-East symbolizes affluence, abundance and material possessions. When one desires to improve one’s financial condition, this direction becomes the most important to activate. The best way to do this is to fill this area with bright light.            
As per the Science of Numerology, the South-East direction is very auspicious for the persons born on the 6th, 15th, 24th  in any month, but more particularly so when these dates occur from the 20th April to 27th May, and from the 21st September to 27th October.
One can protect and activate the South-East direction by adopting the following ways:
·         It is ideal to locate the kitchen in the South-East corner of the main building or flat.
·         Stove or gas burner in the kitchen should be in the South-East corner, a few inches away from the wall.
·         The servant’s quarters, totally independent of the main building, should be located in the South-East or alternatively south corner of the plot.
·         The construction materials should be stored in the South-East part of a building.
·         The heater and all other electrical appliances in the bathrooms should be in the South-East.
·         Higher level of construction in South-East confers riches and progeny.
  • Staircase located in South of South-East gives positive results.
  • A well in the South-East is very harmful. It causes loss of wealth, obstacles from enemies, theft, fear of fire and burglary.
  • An entrance in the South-East is not conducive to the health of women and children.
  • An office located in South-East is not conducive for prosperity.
  • A water tank in the South-East stimulates fear of fire. It also indicates loss of wealth and theft.
One may be blessed with health and contentment by following these simple Vaastu & Feng-Shui principles and make life more precious.

© Gulab Jain, March 19, 2013
Posted from Bangalore (India)